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Divisional Director Makran (Muhammad Abduhoo Khalid)

District Kech

Deputy Director SW (Qadeer Ahmed) Social Welfare Officers

Deputy Director CPC Child Protection Centre Muhammad Assa Assistant Director

Deputy Director SE Special Education BilqeesQadir Senior Teachers  NiazAhmed 

Child Protection Officer CPU Child Protection Unit) (WaqarAhmed)

District Literacy Officer (Rabia Habib)

District Gwadar

Deputy Director SW Social Welfare Muhammad Essa Social Welfare Officers

District Literacy Officer Obaidullah

District Panjgur

Deputy Director SW  Khadija Akbar

Social Welfare Officers Pervaiz Ahmad Manager DETOX

Principal SE Special Education  Grahnaz

Deputy Director HR Human Rights Rukhsana Umber

District Literacy Officer Abdul Wahab

Gateway to all Social Welfare Services of Mekran

Social Welfare, Special Education and Human Rights Department, Balochistan was established in 1962 with aims at providing better Social Environment by helping the neglected, handicapped and socially disadvantaged people. This aim is achieved through use of techniques and methods, which are designed to enable individuals, groups and communities to solve their problems and felt needs through cooperative actions relying on their own resources. Social welfare generally denotes the full range of organized activities of voluntary and governmental agencies that seek to prevent, alleviate, or contribute to the solution of recognized social problems, or to improve the well-being of individuals, groups, or communities. “In its narrowest sense, social welfare includes those nonprofit functions of society, public or voluntary, which are clearly aimed at alleviating distress and poverty or at ameliorating the conditions of the casualties of society”. (Dolgoff,R. & D.Feldstein) (1980):
United Nations Statement for Social Welfare:
“Social welfare as an organized function is regarded as a body of activities designed to enable individuals, families, groups and communities to cope with the social problems of changing conditions. But in addition to and extending beyond the range of its responsibilities for specific services, social welfare has a further function within the broad area of a country's social development. In this larger sense, social welfare should play a major role in contributing to the effective mobilization and deployment of human and material resources of the country to deal successfully with the social requirements of change, thereby participating in nation-building.”


“A socially and economically empowered society in Balochistan where the socially disadvantaged in particular, have access to an equitable social welfare system, and their wellbeing is protected through effective and citizen-centered service delivery.”


Social change is a constant and complex phenomenon. It requires slow, gradual and long term process through a strong policy framework because it involves changes in traditions, customs, folkways and socio-cultural patterns. The key challenges confronting the country are many and varied, poverty, ignorance, ill health, mal-nutrition, drug addiction and economic imbalance besides luring focus i.e. aberration from the right path of Deen. Social Welfare is concerned with the well-being and up lift of the community at large and the vulnerable groups in particular. Focus of programmes will be for the neglected, disadvantaged, under privileged and exploited section of our society, i.e. the Children, Women particularly the destitute, Aged, Disabled, Indigent, Beggars, Drugs Addicts etc. Social Welfare Department further includes the programmes to literate, educate and non-formally sequence the trends for development.


1. Creation of Social awareness among the people for identification of Social needs and their contribution to community development and Welfare programmes.

2. Exploration and exploitation of community resources at local level for launching Social Welfare programmes within the local Communities.

3. Development and extension of remedial, curative, vocational and rehabilitation services for handicapped, destitute and other socially oppressed groups.

4. To establish and develop Welfare activities for destitute women, orphans and homeless children. (Establishment of Industrial Training Centers & Welfare Homes).

5. To encourage developmental efforts on self-help basis through Community Development Projects.

6. To coordinate implementation of articles of CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child).

7. Rehabilitation of drug addicts.

8. To literate, educate and non-formally sequence the trend for development.

9. To impart special education and skill training to blinds, dumb, deaf and physically handicapped and mentally retarded children.

10. Registration, professional guidance and financial assistance to voluntary Social Welfare agencies for strengthening, improving and promoting their activities, coordination amongst NGOs / Donors and concerned government departments.

11. To develop and promote local leadership and public participation and involvement of local communities at community level


According to Rules of Business 2011, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal
Department perform following functions:

  • Registration, technical assistance and monitoring of social welfare agencies
  • Social protection including institutional care, skill development and rehabilitation
  • Registration, assessment, training, employment, and rehabilitation of disabled persons
  • Eradication of social evils
  • Coordination with and grant-in-aid to non-governmental organizations engaged in the field of narcotics control and rehabilitation of drug addicts
  • Relief during calamities and emergencies
  • Financial assistance to poor and needy through Punjab Bait-ul-Maal
  • Literating, educating and sequencing the trend for development.

Social Welfare Department works in four fields of service delivery

  1. Training and Educating
  2. Treatment and Rehabilitation
  3. Registration and Supervision
  4. iv. General Awareness and Coordination

Training and Educating

  • The Department has
  • Six Rural Community Centers (for skill training)
  • One center for inclusive/Special Education ( with 56 enrollment)
  • One Community Development Center
  • One Child Protection Center

The Department trains in following course

  • Beautician
  • Computer and I.T
  • Tailoring/Stitching
  • Cooking
  • Nursing
  • Embroidery
  • Nursery Classes
  • (Both male and female students as applied)

Persons trained in

  • Beautician = (F) 195 (Six months course)
  • Computer and I.T= 1084 (M/F)
  • Tailoring/Sewing= 978 (M/F)
  • Cooking= 83 (F)
  • Nursing = (New course, admission open)
  • Embroidery= 645 (F)
  • Nursery class= 67 students
  • Total= 3052
  • New building for Technical and Special Education (old FC School ), Irrigation Colony Turbat

Treatment and Rehabilitation

  • One center for the needy patients (Social Services Center Teaching Hospital at Turbat)
  • One center for the jailed ones( Social Services Center District Jail at Turbat)
  • Six centers for the drug addicts ( out of which one is fully functional by self help, others are being worked out for service delivery)Treatment and Rehabilitation Center at Turbat (upgraded as Detoxification center)

Services in this section

SSC in Teaching Hospital provides services to the needy patients in terms of

  • Counseling, awareness and guidance
  • Free medicine to the Out-door and In-door patients up to 3000 Rs to 5000 Rs
  • Desk of BEAF for guidance
  • Desk for Bait ul Maal Department
  • Desk for Zakat Department
  • Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (upgraded Detoxification center) treats drug patients having 30 beds(30 bedded hospital)
  • Established in 2003 treated and rehabilitated more than 5000 patients so far
  • Recently been upgraded by the kind consideration of Minister for Finance Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Buledai, to Detoxification and Treatment Center Turbat
  • A T&R center for Buleda, building under construction
  • Other T&R centers are being worked out

Registration and Supervision

The department has registered

  • 203 local NGOs(Old registration which are now cancelled. New registration under Balochistan Charity Regularity Authority BCRA, Social Welfare Department required)
  • 1171 PwDs
  • 12 Trans-genders
  • Detailed plan for registering the PwDs with local groups and NGOs
  • Plans to work on widows and orphans

General Awareness and Coordination

  • The Department has been there for the awareness of socio-economic and health sector issues, participating in polio Eradication, schooling, drug related and other campaigns.
  • The department coordinates with the general mass and the line departments with problem-solving approach.

Other activities

  • The department has initiated executing the public relief policy of the current government namely ‘Balochistan Awami Endowment Fund’ for the chronically ill patients and PwDs.
  • 134 cases have been forwarded from Kech district
  • 28 cases have been approved so far

Contact Us

Address Social Welfare Office, Main Road Turbat

Phone # 0852-412930

Email: socialwelfaremakran@gmail.com

Fax# 08520-414098

District Set-up

Deputy Director => District In-charge

Social Welfare Officers=> In-charge of the centers