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Commissioner Mekran Division visited building side construction works

1. Women’s hostel: 

He found that progress and quality is good but some deficiencies in PC-1. He said that those must be rectified:
a. No boundary wall.
b. No Guard and servant room.
c. No external energising funds parked.
d. No provision of indoor games facilities etc.

2. Women Centre: 

He mentioned that after resolving issue of land, now the construction work is going with good pace and on a very good location.

3. Up gradation of Girls Degree College Turbat:

 According to him good quality and speed of works seen.
4. Renovation and Rehabilitation of Boys hostels of Atta shaad Boys Degree College. 

After 10 years this Govt has provided funds on non-dev side and the works found satisfactory and the hostels will be reopened on 1st Dec, 2020 IA.
4. Sunday meat and vegetable Market under construction by the Chief Officer Turbat, LG dept.
The pace of work is very slow, and found poor quality.

 The dept has already been conveyed about the issue through letter.
Commissioner Mekran has also added that the construction work under Chief Officer & LG Department needs an inquiry by the department.

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