Foods & Sounds

Locally called Katoor. Katoor is mainly used by women as a shopper bag to keep the cloth while doing the embroidery.
Locally called Taggird. Taggird is a traditional mat.
Locally called kapat, mainly used by farmers to keep the dates inside it.
Locally called kapar, as used as a container.
Locally called Musallah, it is the traditional prayer mat made of nannorrhops ritchieana.
Called kut in Balochi.
Locally called Dakku, this is one of the most delicious breads in Mekran
This bread is traditionally called Suro.
Traditional Gwadari Halwa, the idea was imported from Oman.
The combination of Fresh milk and butter is called Sher-ho- safaye rogin in Balochi.
This is called Zik. Zik is made from Lamb skin and used to make buttermilk.
Traditional Rope, called Chilak.
Locally called Karz/Shank. Its basically the date tree leaves and mainly used for making traditional houses and fencing.
Locally called pulldan.
Locally called pulldan.
Embroidered ladies purse by Qazi Lal Baksh Baloch
Embroidered wallets made by Qazi Lal Baksh Baloch.
Embroidered keychains made by Qazi Lal Baksh Baloch.
Embroidered office set made by Qazi Lal Baksh Baloch
Embroidered Balochi Chavat
Called Katoor in Baloch and used as a container.
Called Tolo and Tasuk in Balochi and used as a glass.
Locally called Danchop. It is used to grind weed
Kapat being used as a vessel.
Traditional Sickle called Daas in Balochi, used to cut grass.
Called Ropag in Balochi, used to broom/Sweep.
Thor use for data
Baloch call it Thoor, Thoor is used as a support built to ascend the date tree.
Called Sherench in Balochi and used to transfer water from one container to another.
Called kosench in Balochi. It's used to store Butter
The traditional Prayer Mat called Musallah
This musical instrument has been carved out by Mazar Arif and it's called Suruz by the Baloch.