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Hussain Jan

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Kech was notified a separate District on 1st July,1977,when Mekran was declared as division comprising of three District (Kech,Gwadar,Panjgoor) and Turbat city became divisional headquarter. In the year 1994/1995 the district name was changed from Turbat to Kech, however, the District Headquarters’ name remained intact as Turbat. The district is located in the south-west of Balochistan Province, sharing its boundaries in the east with District Awaran and Gwadar on the south. Iran is in north-west and Panjgoor in the north-east.Until 1977 Kech was a sub-division of Mekran

The district of Kech is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils each of which contains several villages The Local Government of District Kech compromise of a District Council, a Municipal Corporation, 2 Municipal Committee, 41 Union Council in three sub-divisions.

adc G sattar bugti

Abdul Sattar Bugti

Additional Deputy Commissioner (G) ) Kech 0852418179
Munawar Hussain Magsi ADCR

Munawar Hussain Magsi

Additional Deputy Commissioner (R) Kech 0852412109
Haseeb Shujah Ac Turbat

Haseeb Shujah

Assistant Commissioner Turbat 0852414293
Abdullah Mansoor AC Buldea1

Abdullah Mansoor

Assistant Commissioner Buldea

Assistant Commissioner & Tehsildar Tehsils Wise

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District Headquarters Kech at Turbat
Date of notification 1st July, 1977
Area 22,539 sq.km


Year Male Female Transgender Total
1998 216,566 196,638 0 413,204
2017 494,443 414,663 10 909,116
Average annuls growth rate 4.23 from 1998 to 2017
Major Languages Balochi
Climate The climate of Kech is hot in summer and mild in winter
Archaeological Sites There are total 4 Tehsils and 41 Union Councils
Shrines Fort of Sessi and Punnu
Climate in The climate of Kech is hat in summer and mild
Winter January is the coldest month with maximum temperature 10 C degree centigrade
Average rainfall average rainfall is scanty and uncertain at merely
Economy followed Agriculture is the major economic activity followed by Livestock farming and construction. Trading community is involved in cross-border trade also


Degree College 1 1 2
Inter College 3 0 3
Higher Schools 7 8 15
Model Schools 1 1 2
High Schools 44 31 75
Middle Schools 53 27 80
Primary Schools 316 222 538

Literacy and Education Internment.

Literacy rate of Kech District (For Population aged & years and above) Urban areas 49% and Rural areas 32%.