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Covid-19:   This pandemic has been successfully managed and controlled in Mekran as per directions of the government quite efficiently. No prominent cases seen in Mekran and very well dealt with the immigrants of Iran. Quarantine Centers, Isolation wards have been established in all districts with necessary facilities.

Gwadar Master Planning:  The new Master plan of Gwadar has been developed with the assistance of Chinese Government by the Gwadar Development Authority and issued in 2020. Government lands have been protected and allocated for the CBD (Central Business District) of New Gwadar Smart Port City. This will bring an expansion in overall economic development of Pakistan in future.

Gwadar Safe City Project (Rs.3 billion project):  Government committed to provide smart and safe city services to new smart port city of Balochistan

The Consultant was hired by him and initial survey and design is almost ready on IT Component side. After finalization of design, BOQs, this will be tendered for hiring the construction firm for installation of Cameras, Construction of Command & Control rooms, Fibre Optics, Data Centre, LTE, Software and complete Safe City Surveillance system in Gwadar. The procurement of Vehicles, Communication Equipment, Jammers etc., have been processed and completed for the HQ 44 Division.
Overall Progress (Phy and Fin = 6.2%), only in this current year 19-20.

Turbat City Development Project – Phase 2 (Rs.2.8 Billion): The provincial govt approved PC-1 for Phase-II (Completion time three years); and released current year allocations. Some road schemes under the project have been tendered, started the construction works on site. The consultant has also been hired for designing of all works, master planning, studies and the construction supervision of the works to ensure best quality and quantity.

The main components of Phase -II, are roads, food streets, markets, beautification with monuments, safe city surveillance systems, parking areas, public toilets, green medians, shifting of dirty business out the city, sewerage and drainage systems, upgradation of Health and Education facilities, master planning and research studies, etc.Overall Progress Phase -2 (Phy & Fin = 15%)

Turbat – Buleda Road (Revised Rs.2.5 Billion): The construction of this road was started about 40 years back but due to many reasons such as Law and Order, Lack of interest, inefficiency etc., could not get progress and number of types went into dormant and stopped. Lots of casualties of Levies and FC occurred due to operations against Anti-state terrorists / elements.
This Government devotedly put his efforts and bring this project not only on a track but expedited all the pending works and initiated allied / additional works. The project was approved for only two packages of 19.5 Km (very tough terrain and hilly areas) and because of his efforts the additional package -3, remaining 13 Kms on Buleda town side was also approved by the Provincial government, wherein he presented before the Cabinet.
This would become the history in current year and the first two packages are going to be completed by end of December 2020, currently 70% works completed. The remaining 13 Kms (almost flat and easy area), will also be started in July 2020 and that part would likely be completed by June 2021. The overall Project Cost is about 2.5 Billion.
This would be the remarkable achievement on his behalf. Overall Progress of Package 1 & 2 (Phy 70%; Fin 60%)

Buleda Town Infrastructure Improvement and Development (Rs.1 billion): The new initiative started by the Government. All pending works such as preparation of PC-1, approvals and releases of current year allocations, tendering and starting of construction work on site, have been completed in a very short span of time. This project would be completed in three years.
Buleda Town was neglected due to poor law and order and insurgencies & operations for the last 20 years. The development is the only solution to provide the better living services, job, infrastructure and environment to the public. Main works in this project are Town Offices, Police Station, road and drainage works, water supplies, security checkposts, security surveillance systems, Health Facilities, Residences for Officers and staff, beautification etc., to make this a model valley for the public with better services

Meerani Housing Scheme at Turbat: The project was dead for the last 5 years. This government initiated the design works through a well reputed CG consultants from Karachi. The detail of infrastructure and development activities prepared, tendered and awarded. The construction work has been started for the first phase on 250 Acres.The housing scheme would be the best scheme in Turbat city providing excellent living systems with all amenities such as gated community, security surveillance systems, roads, drainage and sewerage systems, water supply, solar energy systems, access roads, commercial areas, parks, mosques etc., The Land 1000 Acres has been provided by the Government of Balochistan. The allotments of about more than 3500 have already been made through proper balloting, out of 5380 plots of different kind.

MNA Zubaida Jalal SDGs funding Schemes: With the consultation of all stakeholders, schemes of Rs.150 Million, in education, health, water supply, sports and poverty alleviation sectors were identified, prepared, approved, released, tendered and works has been started in full swing. This program was of 2018-19, was lying dormant but with the efforts of him, the progress is on road. Overall progress 60%

Divisional Coordination Development and Monitoring: Monthly progress review meetings of all development schemes of development departments; Regular physical monitoring visits of development projects / schemes, on sites and sharing knowledge have been regularly carried out.
The funds utilization progress in Mekran is going best as compare to other divisions of Balochistan. Some of the bigger projects, which are complete, ongoing and under construction:
a.      University of Turbat: Phase 1 complete and Phase 2 has been initiated as well.

b.      Mekran Medical College: 95% completed and classes have been started.

c.       Degree Law College Turbat: One-going, work in progress 20%

d.      Degree College for Boys in Shahabad: New Construction, work on site is started 5%.

e.      Upgradation of Girls College Turbat: New Block, work in progress 5%.

f.        Cultural Complex, with Auditorium at Turbat: Near to complete 95%.

g.      Vegetable and Meat Market: completed.

h.      Various number of roads and buildings in Mekran are also in progress.

i.        DHQ Hospital in Gwadar: New Block, pavement and upgradation of Isolation Ward are under progress

j.        Upgradation of Girls College Gwadar: New block under construction 20%

k.       Various New big Roads for Panjgur City are under Construction.

l.        Various Dams like Dosi and Shezani Dams in Gwadar; Sorap and Gwag dam in Turbat and some other check dams, embankments are under construction for storage, water supply and irrigation purposes in mekran.

m.    Number of Water supply Schemes with and without Solar systems are also under construction in all over Mekran.

CPEC Projects: Government has been continuously providing positive support to the CPEC projects and allied organizations. Funds for construction, providing Lands, resolving local issues has made the things in a right direction, such as:
a.    Gwadar Express Way: The provision of land to the Express way from Gwadar port to outside the city and issues of local fishermen have been resolved with the help of local administration of the District. Resultantly the port authorities will build the breakwater and the bridge for the local fishermen to carry out their fishing and livelihood without any hindrances.
b.    Gwadar New International Airport: Already under construction – Chinese
c.    Gwadar smart port city development: working under progress by GDA
d.    Extension of Gwadar Port: under progress with Chinese.
e.    Gwadar Coal Power Project: Under progress.
f.    M-8 Highway, Western Route: Hoshab to Awaran Sector: Land Compensation estimates and alignment surveys have been completed. The project is about to be tendered and that will provide the shorted access to Sindh and Punjab from Mekran CPEC Route.
g.    Border Markets: Provincial Govt has provided the land of 50 Acres each for different borders markets in Gwadar, Kech and Panjgur. Federal Government PM task force is working on its progress and implementation.

Date Processing Plants in Turbat and Panjgur: DPP Turbat is already completed by GOB, except the procurement of Machineries and delayed due to Covid-19, that has to be procured from Italy. The DPP Panjgur – Land issues resolved, Civil Construction has already been started by the 11 Engineers, Army. Both plants will boost the economic activity in the region

Cadet College Turbat: Land issues resolved and allotted. The construction work has already been started by the 11 Engineers, Army. All stakeholders with close coordination are making good progress

Land Revenue Matters: With the direction of the Government, Board of Revenue, wherein 34000 Acres of Pasni Land, restored in favour of government. Action taken against the revenue officials who tampered the records and they have been placed under suspension & under inquiry.
Government defended the cases in various higher courts, specially of prime lands (billions of rupees) of Gwadar, in favour of government from the Land grabbers / Mafias, which is quite appreciative.

New Initiatives: Government taking in confidence of all the stakeholders are making efforts for new initiatives and making progress Some of them are, which are being approved and be processed Further.

 a.    Ship Building and Transit Yard Gwadar: Special efforts of Federal Minister MoDP, approved at Federal Government. Provincial Government with Local administration has identified the Land in Kappar area of Gwadar, where it would be established.
b.    FMD freee zone in Mekran: Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free zone to be established at Meerani Dam Command Area, through Livestock department of Balochistan. A socio-economic project. The design work and studies are under progress.
c.    Turbat – Pasni Road: Approved by Cabinet and survey started by FWO
d.    Turbat – Mand: Zubaida Jalal Roadad: towards Iran Border, approved by the Cabinet: Awarded to FWO.
e.    Turbat – Balinigore Road to Iran Border: Approved by the Cabinet and awarded to FWO.
f.    Nokundi – Mashkel – Parom – Buleda Road: Reflected in Federal Govt. PSDP: Alignment issues have been processed and informed to the federal Govt.
g.    Mand- Buleda Road: Newly approved at CDWP Federal Govt. Level.
h.    Buleda – Balgather Road: Newly approved at CDWP Federal Govt. Level
i.    Buleda – Zamuran Road: Under process.
j.    Chedagi Iran Border – Panjgur to Gichk to Awara: Linking Iran border with M-8 CPEC route. Fed Govt. Project.
k.    Water supply project to jiwani town: The new pipelines systems from Akora Dam is to be constructed / rehabilitated to provide water to Jiwani town and on the way to various 20 villages as well.